pdf hydroxyapatite containing superporous hydrogel

pdf hydroxyapatite containing superporous hydrogel

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Hydrogels were first described in the last century as networks that contain small fractions of polymers and large fractions of water; hydrogels maintain their shapes while they imbibe fluids or are dried.2 Figure 13.1 is a representation of the structure of a hydrogel. Investigation of Swelling Behavior and Mechanical The objective of the present study is to develop and investigate the swelling behavior of pH-sensitive Superporous Hydrogel (SPH) and SPH composite (SPHC).A novel superporous hydrogel containing poly (methacrylic acid-co-acrylamide) was synthesized from methacrylic acid and acrylamide through the aqueous solution polymerization,using N,N-methylenebisacrylamide as a crosslinker and

(PDF) Hydroxyapatite containing superporous hydrogel

Hydroxyapatite containing superporous hydrogel composites Synthesis and in-vitro characterization March 2008 Journal of Materials Science Materials in Medicine 19(2):729-35(PDF) Hydroxyapatite containing superporous hydrogel The cells were stained with Giemsa before imaging Table 1 Composition1of superporous hydrogel composites prepared in this study Monomer (AAm,50%) 1,000 lL Crosslinker (Bis,2.5%) 200 lL Water 460 lL Foam stabilizer (PF 127,10%) 100 lL Acrylic acid (AAc) 45 lL Hydroxyapatite (HA) 250 mg,1,000 mg,2,000 mg Initiator (APS,20%) 40 lL Initiation catalyst (TEMED,20%) 40 lL Foaming agent (NaHCO 3 ) 9 0m g Table 22Density,void fraction and swelling ratio of SPHs and SPHCs Superporous hydrogels

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alginate hydrogel aiming to impart a double role (i) to improve the stability of the hydrogel and (ii) to favour bone regeneration as hydroxyapatite is the main component of natural bone tissue.ame The stests were performed onto the alginate-based scaffolds containing variable amounts of HA NPs in addition to characterization of HA NPs.II.MA bioprintable form of chitosan hydrogel for bone tissue Jul 13,2017 pdf hydroxyapatite containing superporous hydrogel#0183;Beskardes I G,Demirtas T T,Durukan M D and Gumusderelioglu M 2015 Microwave-assisted fabrication of chitosan-hydroxyapatite superporous hydrogel composites as bone scaffolds J.Tissue Eng.Regen.Med.9 123346.Crossref Google Scholar

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Jan 20,2005 pdf hydroxyapatite containing superporous hydrogel#0183;Abstract.Superporous hydrogels (SPHs) are different from superabsorbent polymers (SAPs) in that SPHs swell fast,within minutes,to the equilibrium swollen state regardless of their size.The fast swelling property is based on water absorption through open porous structure by capillary force.The poor mechanical strength of SPHs was overcome by developing the second-generation SPHAdvances in superporous hydrogelsReview Advances in superporous hydrogels Hossein Omidiana,Jose G.Roccaa,Kinam Parkb,* aKos Pharmaceuticals,Inc.,Solid Dose Research and Development Hollywood,FL 33020,United States bPurdue University,School of Pharmacy,575 Stadium Mall Drive,Room G22,Departments of Pharmaceutics and Biomedical Engineering West Lafayette,Indiana,47907-2091,United States

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Hydrogels were then imaged under UV light with a Bio-Rad GelDoc XR system (Hercules,CA).2.2.10.Confocal microscopy Aptamer-functionalized superporous hydrogels were incubated in the release medium containing a 6-FAM-labeled complementary sequence for 1 h.After thor-ough washing,the hydrogels were subjected to observation under a Nikon A1RCited by 26Publish Year 2008Author T.Tolga Demirta,Aye G pdf hydroxyapatite containing superporous hydrogel#246;nen Karake pdf hydroxyapatite containing superporous hydrogel#231;ili,Meneme G pdf hydroxyapatite containing superporous hydrogel#252;m pdf hydroxyapatite containing superporous hydrogel#252;dereliolu(PDF) Microwave-assisted fabrication of chitosan Synthesis of superporous hydrogels fraction of hydrogels Chitosan solution (2% w/v) was prepared by dissolving Hydrogels were allowed to swell in excess phosphate- chitosan in 0.1 M acetic acid.Then,2 ml of this solution buffered saline (PBS; pH 7.4) at 37 C to examine their was poured into each well of a 24-well tissue culture swelling kinetics.

Cited by 26Publish Year 2008Author T.Tolga Demirta,Aye G pdf hydroxyapatite containing superporous hydrogel#246;nen Karake pdf hydroxyapatite containing superporous hydrogel#231;ili,Meneme G pdf hydroxyapatite containing superporous hydrogel#252;m pdf hydroxyapatite containing superporous hydrogel#252;derelioluHydroxyapatite containing superporous hydrogel

Jul 10,2007 pdf hydroxyapatite containing superporous hydrogel#0183;The synthesis of an acrylamide-based superporous hydrogel composite (SPHC) with hydroxyapatite (HA) was realized by solution polymerization technique.The characterization studies were performed by FTIR studies,determination of swelling kinetics,measurement of mechanical properties,SEM/EDAX studies and cytocompatibility tests.The FTIR and EDAX studies revealed theDevelopment of Bioadhesive Chitosan SuperporousBioadhesive superporous hydrogel composite (SPHC) particles were developed for an intestinal delivery of metoprolol succinate and characterized for density,porosity,swelling,morphology,and bioadhesion studies.Chitosan and HPMC were used as bioadhesive and release retardant polymers,respectively.A 3 2 full factorial design was applied to optimize the concentration of chitosan and HPMC.

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superporous hydrogel was first determined.Thereafter,15 ml of the drug solution (0.13 %w/v in buffer) was prepared.The superporous hydrogel (100 mg) was placed in the drug solution and left until all the drug solution was sucked up.Finally,the completely swollen superporous hydrogel loaded with the drug was dried in an oven atElastic,Superporous Hydrogel Hybrids of Polyacrylamide Superporous hydrogels (SPHs) are a three-dimensional networkofhydrophilicpolymersthatabsorbaconsiderable amount of water in a very short period of time due to the presence of many pores with diameters on the micron to millimeter scale.[13] These hydrogels are distinguished fromotherporous hydrogels intermsoftheir pore sizes and

Hydroxyapatite containing superporous hydrogel

Hydroxyapatite containing superporous hydrogel composites synthesis and in-vitro characterization.Tolga Demirta T(1),Karake pdf hydroxyapatite containing superporous hydrogel#231;ili AG,G pdf hydroxyapatite containing superporous hydrogel#252;m pdf hydroxyapatite containing superporous hydrogel#252;dereliolu M.Author information (1)Chemical Engineering and Bioengineering Departments,Hacettepe University,Beytepe,Ankara,Turkey.Hydroxyapatite delivery to dentine tubules using contain 0%,10%,20% and 30% HAp.The pH of the hydrogels decreased and viscosity increased with in- creasing HAp content.A viability assay was performed to determine the cytotoxicity of the hydrogel samples and proliferation/adhesion behavior of cells cultured on the hydrogel

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three-dimensional (3D) superporous hydrogel (SPH)18 scaf-folds could be used to take advantage of the positive hy-drogel attributes while addressing the issues known to exist with conventional hydrogel scaffolds.SPHs are a class of macroporous hydrogels developed for fast-swelling applications.18 SPHs can be prepared from ad-Injectable and thermosensitive PLGA-g-PEG hydrogels Mar 29,2012 pdf hydroxyapatite containing superporous hydrogel#0183;Injectable and thermosensitive PLGA-g-PEG hydrogels containing hydroxyapatite preparation,characterization and in vitro release behavior.Genyao Lin,Lelia Cosimbescu,Norman J Karin and Barbara J Tarasevich.Published 29 March 2012 2012 IOP Publishing Ltd Biomedical Materials,Volume 7,Number 2

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materials Article Lactoferrin-Hydroxyapatite Containing Spongy-Like Hydrogels for Bone Tissue Engineering Ana R.Bastos 1,2,Luc pdf hydroxyapatite containing superporous hydrogel#237;lia P.da Silva 1,2,F.Raquel Maia 1,2,3,* ,Sandra Pina 1,2,T pdf hydroxyapatite containing superporous hydrogel#226;nia Rodrigues 1,2,Filipa Sousa 1,2,Joaquim M.Oliveira 1,2,3,Jillian Cornish 4,Vitor M.Correlo 1,2,3 and Rui L.Reis 1,2,3 1 3Bs Research Group,I3BsResearch Institute on Biomaterials Microwave-assisted fabrication of chitosan-hydroxyapatite Chitosan superporous hydrogels (SPHs) and chitosan-hydroxyapatite (HA) superporous hydrogel composites (SPHCs) were prepared by using this method in the presence of crosslinking agent,glyoxal

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Dec 14,2012 pdf hydroxyapatite containing superporous hydrogel#0183;In this study,a novel scaffold fabrication method was developed by combining microwave irradiation and gas foaming.Chitosan superporous hydrogels (SPHs) and chitosanhydroxyapatite (HA) superporous hydrogel composites (SPHCs) were prepared by using this method in the presence of crosslinking agent,glyoxal,and a gasblowing agent,NaHCO 3.In order to examine the effect ofNanocellulose Reinforced Chitosan Hydrogelchitosan hydrogel with dynamic mechanical properties was prepared for oral administration of curcumin.Curcumin,a less water-soluble drug was used due to the fact that the fast swellable,superporous hydrogel could release a water-insoluble drug to a great extent.CO2 gas foaming was used to fabricate hydrogel as it eradicates using organic

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Nov 04,2019 pdf hydroxyapatite containing superporous hydrogel#0183;The concentration of hydroxyapatite in the composite hydrogel was optimized and it was found that,reinforcement modifies the hydrogel network by promoting the secondary crosslinking.Novel Biomineralization for Hydrogels Electrophoresis Sep 22,2006 pdf hydroxyapatite containing superporous hydrogel#0183;Rediscovering hydrogel-based double-diffusion systems for studying biomineralization.CrystEngComm 2012,14 (18) ,5681.DOI 10.1039/c2ce25289a.Larisa C.Wu,Jiyuan Yang,Jindich Kopeek.Hybrid hydrogels self-assembled from graft copolymers containing complementary -sheets as hydroxyapatite nucleation scaffolds.

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This study is carried out on polysaccharide-based hydrogel extracted from the seeds of Ocimum basilicum L.for its evaluation as a superabsorbent and stimuli responsive biomaterial for sustained release drug delivery system.O.basilicum (Syn Basil) seed hydrogel (BSH) expressed high swelling capacity at pH 6.8 and 7.4 and deionized water.Polysaccharide-based superporous hydrogel embedded with In this contribution,we a report a facile synthesis and stabilization of steel nanoparticles (CuNPs) in a superporous hydrogel based on chitosan (Cs) and poly (vinyl alcohol) (PVA).The functional groups of Cs and PVA stabilized the CuNPs and,as a result,several properties ( e.g.thermal,morphological and liquid uptake) of the final materials exhibited remarkable improvements in terms of stability and

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Apr 15,2017 pdf hydroxyapatite containing superporous hydrogel#0183;Here,a novel polyacrylamide (PAM)/hydroxyapatite (HA) composite hydrogel was prepared by the self-initiation of hydroxyapatite via its photocatalytic activity.The radical used as the initiator was produced during irradiation and can initiate the formation of the well-distributed HA in the PAM/HA composite.The in vitro bioactivity in SBF of the novel self-initiated PAM/HA (Ti) hydrogel was faster and better than the conventionally synthesized polyacrylamide hydrogel.Regeneration of sciatic nerve crush injury by a P\0.01).For in vivo evaluation,the prepared hydrogel was administrated on the sciatic nerve crush injury in Wistar rats.Four groups were studied negative control (with injury but without interventions),positive control (without injury),collagen hydrogel and hydroxyapatite nanoparticle-containing collagen hydrogel

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SUPERPOROUS HYDROGELS Superporous hydrogels (SPHs) are a new generation of hydrogels with pore size in the range of 100 pdf hydroxyapatite containing superporous hydrogel#181; m or larger; the mesh size of a conventional hydrogel is below 100 nm.43,44 The most remarkable property of superporous hydrogels is their fast swelling ability.The swelling kinetics of SPHs is a few minutes much faster thanSilk fibroin/hydroxyapatite composite hydrogel inducedBackground In this study,silk fibroin (SF) composite hydrogels containing hydroxyapatite (HAP) nanoparticles (NPs) for bone tissue engineering were fabricated using gamma-ray (-ray) irradiation treatment.During the irradiation,the HAP dispersed SF solution was changed to the chemically crosslinked SF hydrogel.

Some results are removed in response to a notice of local law requirement.For more information,please see here.12345NextSuperporous polyacrylate/chitosan IPN hydrogels for

In addition,ionically crosslinked chitosan (CH) superporous hydrogels were synthesized to form interpenetrating superporous hydrogels,i.e.poly(AAm)-CH and poly(AAm-co-AA)-CH SPH-IPNs.The hydrogels have a structure of interconnected pores with pore sizes of approximately 100150 m.

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Preparation of PCL/PEG superporous hydrogel containing drug-loaded nanoparticles The effect of hydrophobichydrophilic interface on the physical properties.European Polymertugrul tolga demirtas Stanford University - Academia.educhitosan (CH) superporous hydrogels were synthesized to form interpenetrating superporous hydrogels,i.e.poly (AAm)-CH and poly(AAm-co-AA)-CH SPH-IPNs.The hydrogels have a structure of interconnected pores with pore sizes of approximately 100150 lm.Although the extent of swelling increased when AA were incorporated to

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